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The SUBAN Group has been operating successfully in the medical surgical instruments manufacturing and distribution markets worldwide for several decades. Its member companies, in line with their scope of activities, represent the production of high-quality surgical and dental products, both in OEM and private-label sales, as well as innovation and a successful, market-driven sales strategy.

The 3 member companies of the Group are constantly working together, developing to meet the changing market conditions.
The German member company, SUBAN Instruments Germany GmbH (previously Tuttlinger Instrumenten-Manufaktur GmbH) has been operating since 1972 in Tuttlingen, the world center for the manufacture and distribution of medical instruments, where it sells high-quality products manufactured by the group. The company is mainly successful on the OEM line, its customer base includes the highest quality, world-renowned German and American partners, whose recognition is evidenced by nothing better than the long-standing business relationships. SUBAN Instruments Germany GmbH has all the required ISO and other certifications, and thanks to FDA registration, it can also sell smoothly in the US markets.
The Hungarian Company of the Group, the primary task of SUBAN Instruments Hungary Zrt. is to develop innovative production resulting in excellent product quality and to implement cost-effective instrument production.

The Company has been the market leader in the Hungarian market for decades. The management of the Company Group has always considered it of paramount importance to provide the highest possible level of support to domestic hospitals, so their sales staff do their best to offer the widest possible range of products and services to Hungarian users. The company also successfully sells instruments to the markets of Russia and the CIS countries, where it has a product registration valid for 30 years and an established customer base.
Since its foundation, the company has been developing dynamically. Its successes are due to its well-trained, innovation-oriented and committed employees, managers who over the past decades have successfully adapted to changing conditions and adapted production technology and specialist training to ever-increasing customer expectations.
Since its establishment in 2005, SUBAN Instruments Romania SRL (previously MEDER SRL) has been supporting the group's activities by cost-effective production of special product lines. The SUBAN group of products includes nearly 10,000 types of surgical and dental instruments, helping all areas of human and veterinary medicine. The company group treats continuous development and product innovation as its priority, so their offer is expanded with hundreds of new devices every year.
The Instrumentare made only from base materials complying with the criteria of medical use. Our company manufactures nearly 10,000 different types of surgical- and dental instruments, thereby supporting all the fields of human and veterinary medicine.

Quality is ensured by the base qualitative materials, the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, manual processing and our headcount of 240 employees with outstanding professional experience.
Owing to the qualitative materials used for manufacturing and the moulded compounds, the shapes, hardness, flexibility and corrosion-protection properties of finished products meet the strictest market and user requirements.

There are several operations integrated in the manufacturing processes that are designed to guarantee the excellent quality of the released products. In order to enhance resistance to corrosion, every piece is subjected to chemical passivation, as well as corrosion testing in boiling distilled water prescribed by the relevant standards.

In the light of the existing user demands, Instrument are manufactured with bright, satin or sand- blasted and various “colour-coded” finishes.
The products of the SUBAN group of companies are marked with chemical and laser technology. The Company has state-of-the-art laser marking machines, which are used to perform data matrix laser engraving on the instruments in accordance with the requirements of the UDI system and the expected MDR, in accordance with the GS1 standard. According to the regulations, the instruments are corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and the markings can be read back with the recommended commercially available reading device during the entire life cycle of the product.
As our Instrument face continuous quality and reliability expectations, a Quality Control Team is operated independently from the manufacturing units, and is in charge of testing the individual pieces with respect to the size, shape and surface of the given instruments, as well as its operation, and also preventing the delivery of defective Instrument as required.

Uniquely, SUBAN Group undertakes 10 years of guarantee for all the products marketed under its own name. In the event of any defect of base materials or workmanship, the Instrument are repaired or replaced as free of charges.

The quality management system of SUBAN Instruments Hungary Co. was certified by the EMKI-Cert Orvostechnikai Eszközminősítő Kft. according to  ISO 13485:2016.

SUBAN Instruments Germany GmbH

CE: MDD 93/42 EEC according 14th of June, 1993 direkcíve.
EN ISO 13485:2016

SUBAN Instruments Hungary Co.
CE: MDD 93/42 EEC according 14th of June, 1993 directive.
EN ISO 13485:2016
EN ISO 14001:2015
​MSZ ISO 45001:2018
Russian registration:2015/2691